David Pinning

David Pinning AKA ‘The Timelord’ – Backup Drumsthe-timelord-lg

David became a member of Ad Lib in early 2013 after stepping in on a few previous occasions to take on an absence in the drum section. David studied GCSE Music Technology with Richard and those of us who went to school with David can recall those long drum practice sessions he used to have for perfecting his own compositions and improving his technique. David isn’t happy with anything less than perfection and it shows in his drumming style.

David is a compliment to the band and we’re lucky to have him on board.

During his normal day David is Deputy Head of Electrical at Palm Paper in Kings Lynn, where we can only imagine the things he gets up to……………….

David’s wife Tasha has come to a number of Ad Lib’s gigs since David has started playing with the band and as with all the band wives, we’re always pleased for their support.