Tim Dewdney

The Fixer-UpperTim Dewdney aka ‘The Fixer-Upper’ – Drums, Backing Vocals

Tim is a founder member of Ad Lib and very much the comedian in the band (well, he thinks so anyway). He is very generous to the band with both his time and his efforts and is very much a valued member. His drumming always keeps us together and you’ll often know when the Red Bull kicks in! The drums go crazy! Tim keeps us on our feet and surprises us at every gig with his enthusiastic and talented drumming.

Tim has spent many years doing the rounds as a milkman but recently made the brave decision to step away from the security of a regular income and into the realms of self employment. He is now enjoying running a successful business as the local handyman.

Tims wife, Cathy, is a loyal supporter of the band and supports us at our gigs whenever she can get a childminder!