Richard Welbourne

AKA ‘The Poser’ – Lead Guitar, Second Vocals & Soundthe-poser-lg2

Richard joined the band in late 2009/early 2010. He initially came along as a stand-in bassist, but when founder member Malc Shorting retired from the band to concentrate on other musical efforts Richard stepped into his shoes as lead guitarist bringing a new wave of sounds to the band and expanding our exploration of the decades into the modern day. He was one of the first students at Neale Wade College in March to study A Level Music Technology and his skills and experience in this department have made a real difference to our sound setup.

Richard is a great influence in the band and is enjoying the opportunity of playing again on a regular basis. Since he joined us he has found his public voice and now enjoys singing some of the songs in the band as well as taking backing vocals.

During a normal day Richard runs his own accountancy practice Welbourne & Co Ltd and enjoys getting away from a busy and hectic day to play with Ad Lib.

Richard’s wife, Lyn, is yet another loyal supporter of Ad Lib and will come along to support the band at every opportunity. Richard and Lyn are both parents to their beautiful baby Lewis since November 2012 and Ad Lib are looking forward to helping them raise Lewis to be a great musician!

Richard & Matthew have more recently formed a duo on the back of the success of Ad Lib, called Ad Lib (Diminished). Its purpose is to offer an alternative service to the full band for those more subtle or smaller events. Please see our Ad Lib (Diminished) page for more information.